Enlightenment/ romantic period short answer (attn kim woods)

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Write 150-250- word responses to each of the following:


  1. How does Voltaire’s Candide (Reading 25.4) “reply” to Pope’s Essay on Man (Reading 24.8)?
  2. What does Mary Wollstonecraft’s Vindication of the Rights of Women (Reading 24.7) tell us about women in the Age of Enlightenment? From a 21st-century perspective, what would Wollstonecraft think of women’s standing today?
  3. Summarize the conditions and circumstances described in Equiano’s account (Reading 25.1). Which of the circumstances and conditions described by Equiano strike you as most removed from the ideals of the philosophes?
  4. How do the paintings of Fragonard (Figure 26.1), Watteau (Figure 26.5), and Boucher (Figure 26.6) reflect the “pursuit of pleasure”?
  5. What do the following statements reveal about the nineteenth-century Romantic? “I fall upon the thorns of life! I bleed!” (Shelley); “I want to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.” (Thoreau); “Feeling is all.” (Goethe); “I have no love for reasonable painting.” (Delacroix)

Format your responses consistent with APA guidelines. Note: You must use your course text as a reference for this assignment. This means that you should include quoted or paraphrased text from your readings to support your response to, and discussion of, the assignment questions. Course readings should be acknowledged with an in-text citation.





Moral dilemmas – choosing between two rights

Diversity and Inclusion | Age diversity, Cultural diversity, Gender diversity

You will analyze an individual who is faced with a moral dilemma in a movie. Instructions: • Select a movie from the Movie Choice List found in this week’s Readings and Resources. • Research several ethical frameworks. o Use your readings from this week to help you select a framework and do a more in-depth study of that framework. • Select one framework as a basis for your decision. • Analyze the situation or individual in the movie using the chosen framework. • Discuss the framework, your decision, and how it fits the ethical framework you used for your decision. Requirements: • Develop a clear introduction with a thesis, a body, and a conclusion. Focus on quality of writing, as opposed to length. • Research and include at least one additional, credible reference from an outside source pertaining to the leader you chose. • Use APA formatting for the cover page, citations, and reference page. No abstract is required

Management questions | Management homework help

Please respond to each with 2 to 3 paragraphs.  

  • What is the importance of strategic alliances?
  • What are some major questions a company needs to consider before embarking on a strategic alliance?
  • What is the importance of strategic alliances in international business discuss using suitable examples?
  • What are some of the challenges of strategic alliances?

Mba 504 financial management and analysis

1. Read and summarize chapter 5 of your financial management text book in at least 400 words.

* Research what the 2022 tax rate is for someone that is in $50,000 tax bracket. What is it?

*In regards to tax law, what is the definition of “capital gains?”

*Thinking about the all of the money people made on stock trading apps like “Robinhood” or “We Bull,” do you think those who made large profits realized the implications that of capital gains would have on them? Explain.

2. Research billionaire Warren Buffet saying that his receptionist pays more taxes than he does.

*What did he mean by that?

*Why do you think she pays more than he does? 

In assessing a company’s current and future cash flows, the financial analyst requires information concerning a company’s tax obligations. Unfortunately, the company’s tax return is not publicly available, requiring the analyst to understand the basics of corporate taxation and to work with information disclosed in the financial statements.

The tax laws are changed almost constantly and are likely being changed as you read this chapter. Hence, no purpose would be served by covering all the details of present tax laws; they might be outdated as soon as you learn them. Instead, we discuss some of the principles behind the tax laws and in doing so provide an opportunity for you to learn some terminology, do some basic taxation calculations, and see how taxes affect a company’s cash flows. We use the rates in the 2001 tax laws for demonstration purposes.

Following are the main kinds of taxes:

  • Income taxes are taxes specifically levied on the basis of income.
  • Employment taxes are also based on income, but specifically on wage and salary income. In the United States, employment taxes are paid by the employee and the employer, and they are designated spe- cifically for social insurance programs (i.e., retirement and unem-
  • Excise taxes are taxes on certain commodities, such as alcoholic
    beverages, tobacco products, telephone service, and gasoline. Excise taxes provide an easy way of raising revenue, and they can be imposed to discourage the use of specific products, such as tobacco.
  • Import and export taxes (or tariffs) are taxes based on trade with other countries and are imposed to achieve specific economic goals in world trade.

CHAPTER 5Taxation




In this chapter, we focus on income taxes and, specifically, U.S. fed- eral corporate income taxes. However, any of the other types of taxes may have a strong influence on the cash flows of industries or firms. For example, excise taxes and import and export taxes will influence the demand for a firm’s products and therefore the firm’s cash flows.


In the United States, the federal tax law is the product of all three branches of federal government. Congress passes the tax legislation that comprises the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). The Internal Revenue Ser- vice (IRS), a part of the Treasury Department, interprets these laws, adds the details, and implements them. The IRS does this by providing and processing tax forms, collecting tax payments, explaining the law in its regulations, and even providing decisions regarding the law (called rulings) in some situations. The courts are also called on to interpret the law through specific court cases, and there is now a well-developed case law related to the IRC. Together the Internal Revenue Code, IRS regula- tions, IRS rulings, and the case law make up federal tax law.

In forecasting future cash flows, the financial analyst needs to be aware that tax rates change frequently. The financial analyst cannot simply assume that the tax rate in existence today will be the same in five or ten years. Moreover, in comparing the after-tax performance of a firm over time, changes in tax rates must be considered.


Exhibit 5.1 shows the 2001 U.S. federal income tax rate schedules for cor- porations. We can look at the schedule for a corporation to see how the income tax is computed. Each line of the schedule represents a layer of tax- able income, sometimes called a “tax bracket”; the lower limit of each bracket is called its base. So the first line, for example, represents the tax- able income layer with base $0 and maximum taxable income of $50,000.

Each line of the schedule also tells us the dollar amount of the tax on the base and the rate at which income above the base is taxed in that bracket. Suppose a corporation has taxable income of $12 million. Using the tax rate schedule, we see that the tax is 15% on the first $50,000, 25% on the next $25,000, 34% on the next $25,000, 39% on the next $235,000, 34% on the next $9,665,000, and 35% on the last $2,000,000,

starbucks | Marketing homework help

Segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) form the foundation for a company’s entire marketing plan – all strategies must align with these components – so clearly defining them is critical to the company’s success.


Part A: Describe 3 worthwhile (existing or new) consumer segments for your chosen company/product (Starbucks), using multiple segmentation variables for each segment. Maximum 1 page single-spaced, either point-form or brief paragraphs.


Part B: Choose 1 segment from Part A that you would target, and justify your choice. Maximum 2 paragraphs single-spaced.


Part C: Write a positioning statement for your chosen company/product, targeted to your chosen segment from Part B. Maximum 1 paragraph single-spaced (but if you are efficient, one sentence could suffice).

Government and politics assignment help


Good evening, scholars Hope you all had a good week. This week will contain two assignments. The first assignment will be based on the first chapter you read. Please answer the following questions in written form, The questions will form the thesis of your answers toward drilling down on other aspects of the chapter you wish to include. 1. The authors reference a particular voting group; millennials. What is the significance of focusing on this particular group? How are they characterized, what makes them unique? How do millennials view politics? What makes them so historically difference from other generations of the same age group? 2. The US is a representative democracy. In this political science assignment help define this term, and what according to the text are forms of representative democracy? 3. Describe in detail elite ruling theory, and pluralism. Which of these theories in your opinion accurately captures the expression or political power in the US? 4. John Locke’s theory underpins the US’s political philosophy. Explain in detail the fundamentals of this theory, and the role and relationship between the government and the governed. In your opinion, are you of the view that the governed are playing their role in this theory. Assignment 2. Please watch this video below, and write a one-page reaction giving justifications for your opinions. 

According to O’Sullivan, (2018), as of 2012, some 7.6 billion people were living on the planet with the projections having that the population will be 9.6 billion by 2050 (O’Sullivan, 201]8). In that case, the agency developed a model that there would be three levels of population projections namely: high, medium, and low. The lowest level of projection has it that people will have to adopt effective family planning methods that will ensure that future population growth trends rely solely on one need to procreate. 

As an individual, the idea is detrimental in that the most developed economies have many people who have a huge impact on their labor levels. As such I would have to struggle to sustain what I have while at the same time trying to adapt to changes. At the same time, medium population growth doesn’t promise anything. People will be living at equilibrium and the available resources will be enough to sustain a viable life {writing help, 2017). Unless otherwise, I would employ a survival instinct that would allow me to lead a sustainable life while hoping for a better future from past experiences. In essence, that means that a decline or improvement in fertility levels will make the future unpredictable. https://onlyessayhelp.com/assignment-detailswhat-can-movies-and-television-shows-communicate-to-people-about-gender-roles-and/ 

In most cases, the high level of population growth focuses on data gotten from risen years by the UN suggests that future trends in human sociology patterns influenced by population growth giants such as Africa and Asia mean that the adoption of current thinking trends will have to change with people starting to think more of smaller families (O’Sullivan, 2018). As such, the general focus on the future would be of much more focus to me than it was before.

Clearly, one of the main issues presented in Decelerate Blue is technology. Clearly, the book shows us some of the down sides of technology. Of course, it is logically false to say “All blanks are blank” and so, for this work, you are going to be tasked at looking at multiple sides of one aspect of technology, be it hardware or software, presenting all sides as “fact” and then doing a deep analysis, using what we learned about logical fallacies to determine what is valid. It is OK if you determine neither side is valid.

The rules:

  1. Pick a topic. Pick something that has a lot of      coverage. Think big headline issues, not something local that has limited      coverage. 
  2. All the sources must be dated either 2021 or 2022. We      want current information here. Even if you are using a source that gives      some history of your topic, you still need to find one that is current.      Think of it this way; a book about women’s suffrage written in 1921, one      year after it happened is going to have a lot less information and context      than a book written in 2021, 101 years afterward as there will be more      data, anecdotes and context.
  3. You must have a minimum of TWO sources per side of the      issue for a total of FOUR sources. You may use more but they must be      equal. If you feel you need a third source for one side of the issue, you      must then find another or the other side.  You may use one unique source for the introduction if      you feel it is absolutely necessary to explain the issue. 
  4. Review the Everything you wanted to know about citing      tab in the vital information module BEFORE submitting this work. You are      held accountable for the information presented there. APA formatting is      explained in graphic detail there. 
  5. NO DIRECT QUOTES! Paraphrase, summarize and cite your work. 

6.Review the the Purdue Owl’s page on what constitutes a good paragraph (Links to an external site.) .

Introduction: 300-500 words

This is where you simply explain the topic chosen and WHY you chose it. That means you may write this section in first person. If you want to discuss social media, pick a particular kind. Write about Twitter or Facebook or Tik Tok NOT all three because the do different things and have different rules.  However, if you wanted to write about a type of app like a dating app or a gaming app, that is OK because your focus would be on the good and bad of that kind of app. However, if you just wanted to focus on Fortnite, you could. Find your focus. Focus is the key. 

The perspectives: 500-750 words per side (1000-1500 words total) 

In this section you will present the main points of each of your sources.  This must be in third person, written with an eye toward objectivity. Do NOT include your opinion here. You are giving each side of this issue a fair shake. Paraphrase and summarize the main points. Write to a general audience.

Analysis: 750-1000 words

Now that you’ve done all of this research apply critical thinking strategies to all the arguments presented in all the articles you have used. Point out logical fallacies. NAME the fallacy and explain why you think that fallacy was employed. 

Conclusion: 300-500 words

How has evaluating these sources this way affected what you know about this issue? Have your own personal views on the issue change? If so, in what way? If not, why not?  If so, has your opinion about that changed? 

Reference Page: Proper APA Format 

Relationship between demographics and covid 19 deaths


Research question: To what extent, if any, is there a relationship between demographics, such as, age, ethnicity, Gender, and COVID 19 deaths?


Try to get as much information as possible on the variables and how they are linked to COVID 19 deaths, e.g., age, ethnicity and gender, etc. What other studies say.


References: A minimum of 5 scholarly sources  

Discussion post on drama | english | Middle Tennessee State University

  Address your response to any of the other topics, just not the one you chose for your main post.

  • Your main post should be about 150-200 words and should include specific references and details  (paraphrases or direct quotes with MLA documentation) to the assigned reading.
  • Provide your own commentary–your opinion, observations, commentary on connections to current issues/texts, etc. You can refer to movies, tv, other cultural experiences, and observations too.

Week 11 soc | Education homework help

Task A) Main Discussion Post  1) Using a developing country from your Week 6 or Week 10 assignment describe at least two climate change related issues (poverty, food insecurity, environmental pollution, population etc.) facing your selected country.  2) If you had the resources, how would you go about resolving these two issues in that nation

Theoretical framework | Nursing homework help

Identify the theoretical framework used in the article you chose (post the name of the theory and explain the theory).

Go to the reference section of the article and Identify/select at least one primary source and one secondary source (articles) that supports the theoretical framework (list only the reference of these articles).

Now, search the SU nursing electronic library database such as Gale-Infotract on LIRN, CINAHL, or ProQuest to identify the primary and secondary source articles you selected.

Post a brief review of the abstracts of the primary source and secondary source in the article you chose.  

Use in-text referencing and a reference list.