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Case Study on Operational Strategy for an IT Organization:

You are in IT management/leadership team in a medium size IT organization and are responsible for three engineering teams. Your teams are implementing about 15-20 projects per year for the company, and also provide support and maintenance of current systems. While your teams have been successful in project delivery overall, you have to constantly shift people from project to project to meet multiple competing timelines, the engineers are overworked and stressed, and any small delay or problem impacts multiple project deliveries. Your engineers are also reminding you that some of the core technologies your systems are built on are getting old and will need upgrades or completely different technical approaches. Their preliminary analysis also shows that upgrading or replacing core technologies will result in the need to re-engineer some of your existing systems, so that teams can better support current and future projects as well as take advantage of the new technologies. A new CIO has recently joined your company and has assembled a committee to determine and prioritize the necessary changes in IT processes, technologies, and approaches to project delivery. You have been invited to participate in this committee to provide your and your teams’ perspectives as input to upcoming operational strategy changes.

As you reflect on the day-to-day issues your teams are facing, you note the following trends:

• People – your employee staff is relatively small compared to the number of people needed to staff all projects and other IT activities your teams are responsible for. When you have requested additional employee positions, you were told that the company does not want to expand IT organization at this point. There is a budget associated with each project, so you can use this budget to hire contracting resources. You are asked to keep costs down, so you have to think of creative ways to staff projects quickly and with qualified people, while reducing costs. You are concerned that the system and technology knowledge may be lost when contractors leave. You can also see the strain on your employees, who are tasked with overseeing contractors, facilitating knowledge transfer and ensuring the projects remain high quality and with on-time delivery despite the changing staff members.

• Project delivery – your company has a thorough process of selecting projects for IT implementation based on business priorities. Selected projects go through multiple reviews of technical and architecture approaches and a detailed budgeting process before they are approved for implementation. While you value the diligent governance for IT project delivery, you are also concerned that many of the projects end up with a very short implementation timeline due to the long initial selection/ideation/budgeting/approval process. Your teams are often faced with delivering projects on very compressed schedules, resulting in cuts to time spent testing, stressed team members, and some functionality being delivered in later releases.

• Core technology upgrades – while your teams are busy on project implementation and deliveries, technology frameworks that your systems are built on seem to be aging quickly. You have been setting aside some budget and engineering time every year to upgrade or replace one or two of the multitude core technologies powering your systems. These technology improvements seem to always take longer than you expect, impact a lot of the systems, require some changes and lots of retesting. In some cases, there is no choice but to upgrade, as vendors announce plans to retire your versions of their products. In other cases, you have some flexibility on the timing of the upgrade, and wonder about the relative costs of upgrading vs. falling behind on the technology curve. Your engineers bring up various opportunities and advantages of switching to new technologies or the latest versions of the vendor products. You are wondering how you can balance the cost and impact of continuous technology changes with the need to deliver new

projects and maintain/enhance current systems.

Your Challenge:

What changes in the current operational strategy can you propose to the new CIO, as your input to operational strategy committee? Please address the following topics in your response:

• Provide a summary of the challenges of the current operational process. Describe the current and expected long-term impact of these challenges if they are not addressed.

• For each challenge, provide three alternative strategies to address the challenge – aggressive, balanced, and moderate.

o An aggressive strategy can be a major change to the current processes and ways of operating. It may also have major impacts on the organization in terms of restructuring, changing people roles/responsibilities, major changes to how work is done, or major cost impacts.

o A balanced strategy may be an introduction of some changes to the current processes and operating strategy, with less impact and disruption compared to an aggressive strategy. It may also be a phased introduction of the some or all elements of the aggressive strategy.

o A moderate strategy may have some incremental changes to the current processes and operating strategy, while leaving most of the current way of operating as is. A moderate strategy aims to minimize changes and disruptions, while introducing gradual improvements.

• Provide your recommendation of the preferred strategy for each challenge. Explain why the selected strategy is preferred in each case, and provide the next steps to plan for or introduce the new strategy.

o Please consider the overall impact of your recommendations for the organization – if you are recommending aggressive strategy changes in all areas, there will be major changes in the work processes, with higher improvement potential. If all recommendations are moderate, the changes will be minimized, but the positive impact may not be sufficient. What is the right combination? How well is your company prepared to deal with

recommended changes?

Create your response to this challenge as a proposal you will submit to operational strategy committee. Format your response as an APA paper and include a bibliography with references/sources you have consulted in preparing your proposal.

No plagiarism and should be below 20%. 

span | Psychology homework help

The concept of “life span” development is relatively new. For many years, “child” psychology was studied, but it was understood that by the beginning of early adulthood most, if not all, of one’s important development had occurred. In other words, the idea was that the important changes that come with age were completed by the end of adolescence. Why do you believe that psychologists now study the wholelife span? What impact does realizing that important developments occur throughout our whole lives have on the field of psychology and our lives in general?

Next, describe the scientific methodology and typical research designs used in lifespan psychology (refer to your text, ch 1). Which methodology and research design do you think produces the best results in the study of lifespan development? Why?

Scholarship essay please read instructions below thoroughly

The following is an essay needed for a scholarship I am applying for. It must be 500 words. Please make sure the essay is original because I will check and make sure. I will like this essay done as soon as possible. 

“Nowadays people know the price of everything, and the value of nothing.”

– Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey

Do you think this is true of today? Has this changed since Oscar Wilde wrote it in 1890?

If so, what changed? Please provide examples to support your position.*

Essay my be 500 words only!!! Also please provide references and all work must be original. 

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A blogging website wants users to enroll to get access to the blogs. The figure above shows the form layout for enrollment.

Develop a Java WindowBuilder Application to implement this form. Add a Button called “Enroll” at the bottom. When the user clicks this button, the information entered by the user should be displayed in the box called Enrollment information. All the information user entered should be displayed along with their selections indicated by the Checkboxes and RadioButtons under their proper headings.


Read the following case study and answer the reflective questions. | FNP

 CASE STUDY: Active Labor: Susan Wong Mrs. Wong, a first-time mother, is admitted to the birthing suite in early labor after spontaneous rupture of membranes at home. She is at 38 weeks of gestation with a history of abnormal alpha-fetoprotein levels at 16 weeks of pregnancy. She was scheduled for ultrasonography to visualize the fetus to rule out an open spinal defect or Down syndrome, but never followed through. Mrs. Wong and her husband disagreed about what to do (keep or terminate the pregnancy) if the ultrasonography indicated a spinal problem, so they felt they did not want this information. 

Reflective Questions 1. As the nurse, what priority data would you collect from this couple to help define relevant interventions to meet their needs?

 2. How can you help this couple if they experience a negative outcome in the birthing suite? What are your personal views on terminating or continuing a pregnancy with a risk of a potential anomaly? What factors may influence your views? 

3. With the influence of the recent Human Genome Project and the possibility of predicting open spinal defects earlier in pregnancy, how will maternity care change in the future? 

Letter of intent | Psychology homework help

Within 250-400 words: Write a professional letter of intent for the Doctoral program. My major is in Psychology, with an emphasis on Cognition & Instruction. Attached is the letter of intent template please use it. 

Make it sound very professional please.. for the part that says once I receive my degree.. I want to be a professor & teach psychology.

I attached a link in regard to the doctoral program i’m interested in just for your reference. 

Need in 9 hours | Human Resource Management homework help

apa format

1-2 paragraphs

need in 9 hours


Welcome to Module 7 Discussion. To provide effective leadership, one must recognize, understand, accept, honor, and value the differences intrinsic among employees concerning race, age, ethnicity, mental capability, social standing, gender, and physical ability. The goals of sustaining and maintaining diversity, inclusion, acceptance, and belonging are essential to your organization.

Answer the following questions:

  • As the leader of the organization, what are the top three things you are going to institute to preserve these organizational goals?
  • How will you measure success?

pretend you are a leader of an organization 

Nursing residency goal statement | Nursing homework help


1. In 350 words or less, describe what led you to apply to our nursing residency program at Loyola? What led you to pursue a career in healthcare?

2. In 350 words or less, describe what professional goals you have for yourself for the next one year five years?

Choose 1 focal point from each subcategory of practice, education,

Using the American nurses association position statement, recommendations for improvement in end of life management focuses on practice, education, research and administration. Listed below are steps that nurses can take to overcome barriers in healthcare practice.


1. Strive to attain a standard of primary palliative care so that all health care providers have basic knowledge of palliative nursing to improve the care of patients and families.

2. All nurses will have basic skills in recognizing and managing symptoms, including pain, dyspnea, nausea, constipation, and others.

3. Nurses will be comfortable having discussions about death, and will collaborate with the care teams to ensure that patients and families have current and accurate information about the possibility or probability of a patient’s impending death.

4. Encourage patient and family participation in health care decision-making, including the use of advance directives in which both patient preferences and surrogates are identified.


1. Those who practice in secondary or tertiary palliative care will have specialist education and certification.

2. Institutions and schools of nursing will integrate precepts of primary palliative care into curricula.

3. Basic and specialist End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) resources will be available.

4. Advocate for additional education in academic programs and work settings related to palliative care, including symptom management, supported decision-making, and end-of-life care, focusing on patients and families.


1. Increase the integration of evidence-based care across the dimensions of end-of-life care.

2. Develop best practices for quality care across the dimensions of end-of-life care, including the physical, psychological, spiritual, and interpersonal.

3. Support the use of evidence-based and ethical care, and support decision-making for care at the end of life.

4. Develop best practices to measure the quality and effectiveness of the counseling and interdisciplinary care patients and families receive regarding end-of-life decision-making and treatments.

5. Support research that examines the relationship of patient and family satisfaction and their utilization of health care resources in end-of-life care choices.


1. Promote work environments in which the standards for excellent care extend through the patient’s death and into post-death care for families.

2. Encourage facilities and institutions to support the clinical competence and professional development that will help nurses provide excellent, dignified, and compassionate end-of-life care.

3. Work toward a standard of palliative care available to patients and families from the time of diagnosis of a serious illness or an injury.

4. Support the development and integration of palliative care services for all in- and outpatients and their families.

Heidi tells you that she wants to systematically analyze how the


Heidi tells you that she wants to systematically analyze how the culture of Camp Bow Wow relates to its environment. Read about the following event and tell her what aspects of the company’s environment it directly involves.

Customers tell Heidi that they would feel more comfortable leaving their dogs at Camp Bow Wow if at least some of the camp counselors were accredited veterinary technicians. Check all that apply.

A. Economic

B. General environment

C. Internal environment

D. Employees