For smartbuddy only | English homework help

I need to prepare a presentation of no more then 10 mins on the topic below.  It needs to be done in PowerPoint. 


Presentation Topic

The pros and cons of social networking (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc)



Presentation that looks into the many pros and cons of social networking and then make recommendations of how learners can protect themselves against the negatives raised. 




Need between 6 to 8 slides which I need to talk about for 1 to 2 minutes each.  



The slides should contain

Able to speak fluently and make a significant contribution talking a variety of contexts, able to listen closely and sympathetically responding as appropriate. 

Able to to show competent use of standard English, vocabulary and grammar in situations that demand it.  Able to adapt to different audiences. 

Fluently of tall and confidence.

Sensitive awareness of listeners.

Adapting style of delivery to their needs.