I need to be good , it’s 3 pages essay

Choose ONE of the following topics to discuss in relation to the film Mad Max: Fury Road.

Topic #1 

How does the character Furiosa fit within Joseph Campbell’s theory of the Hero’s Journey? In what ways does she challenge and alter Campbell’s theory? Ultimately, how does Fury Road reflect changing cultural attitudes toward women through the portrayal of Furiosa?

Brainstorming for Topic #1: What makes Furiosa a heroic character? List 5-10 adjectives to describe her, then pick the 2 or 3 that you think will reveal the most about our changing cultural attitudes toward women. Focus on those particular traits when writing your essay.


Topic #2

Pick ONE female character in the film, and categorize her within the archetype of a goddess of life, death, or regeneration. How does this character and her archetype reflect modern cultural attitudes?

Some more specific suggestions for Topic #2:

#Furiosa (in some ways, the most obvious choice, but you should focus on ONLY ONE particular category. Is she a goddess of death? Life? Regeneration? What puts her in this category, and what is the significance of her placement in that archetype?)

# One of Immortan Joe’s wives (What is this film saying about fertility? About female sexuality? About patriarchal attitudes toward fertility and female sexuality?)

# One of the Vuvalini (Keeper of the Seeds, the lookout pretending to be in trouble—a lot of interesting possibilities here, especially related to environmental issues and female empowerment)