you will read “why won’t anyone give me a credit card?” on pages 523

Make sure to thoroughly think about your response and support it with evidence from the text. Responding to these types of articles in the form of a rhetorical analysis accomplishes two things: 1) it gives you practice reading and analyzing articles, and 2) it gives you the opportunity to put your analytical thoughts into words. Developing these skills now through shorter articles will help you to execute this skill with your own research for your final paper.

At the end of the two paragraphs, include a bibliography for this article. Make sure each paragraph has a topic sentence. Proofread and revise each paragraph as I will deduct 1 point for every 2 grammatical mistakes.




MLA, or Modern Language Association, is the form of documentation you will use in this class. Documenting all of your research via MLA prevents you from plagiarizing. When reading this chapter, I DO NOT expect you to be read every single citation possible and memorize them. I do expect, however, for you to read the chapter and skim through the citations. I find that if you memorize how to cite a book, the most basic form of a citation, you will be able to better understand how to do all citations. I understand that there are many bibliography generators on the web, and some of them are even credible. I know that many of you will use them. Here is my concern: you still need to know how to do one in order to understand how to read one.