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Writing assignment Flu

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This assignment is worth 30 points. Final Assignment must be uploaded to BB by 5.00 pm 5th October. Drafts are highly encouraged. 

Kindly note the following:

First step is to do some research and it is advised that students should read at least 4 to 6 articles each on flu and corona virus. 

– There are 3 questions on this assignment. Student’s attempt thus should have 3 separate answers addressing those questions. In addition to that, please note words like “what” “why” “explain” “Give” and make sure you respond to all these questions. Best strategy is to underline the questions asked and then attempt those in your response. A rubric of grading has been attached as well. Kindly review rubric before submission

– Students must attempt this assignment in your own words. Any cut/copy/paste form web will not be graded and assignment will be marked as zero.

– Student must upload the assignment to BB as a word file. 

Approximate length: Question 1 can be summarized in 4/6 lines while question 2 and 3 can be between 8 to 12 lines. (This is just a tentative number though. Feel free to write more if you may like)