Wk1: discussion leading | Management homework help


Wk1: Discussion

Wk1: DiscussionWeeks one through seven, you will be presented with a Discussion Forum related to that week’s topics. Refer to the weekly materials, your textbook, and the TNU library when researching the topics.The minimum word count required for your initial discussion post is 250-300 words. Put your writing into your own words, do not copy directly from the source. Defend your viewpoint by providing support. If you incorporate scholarly and peer-reviewed sources in your posts, be sure to cite them properly. Respond to a minimum of two posts. Think of your responses in terms of a contribution to a dialogue, not a writing exercise or a chat room.  Elaborate a single idea and keep your responses to 50-75 words but be concise as if you were holding a conversation with your classmate(s).  Incorporate what you’ve learned from the weekly reading material and your own real-world experiences.  Do not forget to use proper APA citations and references whenever necessary. Below you will find week one’s discussion forum:

  • Discuss the differences between leadership and management? 
  • Based on leadership being a science and an art, discuss how leadership can be learned.  
  • If you were a CEO of an organization, discuss the determining factors that would affect your leader effectiveness?