Wireless network | Computer Science homework help

A local IT company ZeTech needs your help with a WLAN security project report for BCE. BCE is a medium size sports company and has 8 offices all around the world with 400-450 employees and around 500 daily customers on average. BCE would like to learn more about WLAN security so that the systems will be secured from any attacks or hacking.




In your report you are required to outlines the security strengths and weaknesses of WLANs and makes recommendations about the level of security. Security solutions in your report should recommend BCE in a variety of situations, such as when desktop computer, laptop, and wireless equipments (iPad, Tablet, etc) are used in offices by staff and customers. Your report should cover encryption and authentication using 802.11i and 802.11X.


Length: 1000-1200 words




Please note plagiarism strictly checked in this subject. Please make sure it is original and well written.