Who can do this with perfect academic language , i want to get full

To conclude, have a restatement of the main ideas and also conclude with reflections on what you

have learned about your interviewee and her/his communication style in her/his life experiences.

Throughout your essay use effect organization for writing paragraphs as taught in Discourse 100 ESOL. As such, make sure that you begin each paragraph with a transitional idea comparing the similarities and/or differences of the main idea of the previous paragraph to the main idea of the new paragraph. Lastly, please be sure to enjoy your learning through this process.


The Interviwe name is Cynthia she is from Clumbia, They have A famus coffee called Juan Vdldez they palnt this coffee in Trigngle momountains in clumbia each year they plant 11,5 millon pags of this coffee, her religion is Christian, she is a student in US, she studied English in her country,pelple in her country are welcoming any vistor come to the people over their are friendly. she likes American people,  


So that her experinces and you, and this is just one full page the.