Week 5 — question | Management homework help


After watching the two videos for this coming week, visit the website of a primarily or exclusively Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) company.   Examples of companies, but please do not use these, include Warby-Parker, Harry’s Razor, and Casper Mattresses.  After visiting, respond to the following questions:

  1. Does the company promote its product as lower cost than competitors (either other DTC companies or more traditional retailers)?
  2. Besides possibly lower cost, has the company tried to differentiate itself from competitors?
  3. This week’s chapter discusses how trying to combine differentiation and low-cost strategies can lead to a “Blue Ocean Strategy” but could also lead to being “Stuck in the Middle”.  In your view, if the company is trying to do both, does the company have more of a blue ocean strategy or is it more likely to be struck in the middle?  Please explain your answer.