Week 3 controversies in cj assignment – chapters 9 & 10/no plagarism

Choose one of the current controversies discussions in the text book from the list below:

Chapter 9: Should Physical Evidence Be Required in Serious Criminal Cases? pp. 212-213

Chapter 9: Should We Limit the use of Plea Bargains? pp. 214-215

Chapter 10: Do Habitual sentencing Laws Deter Offenders? pp. 234-235

Chapter 10: Should We Abolish the Death Penalty? pp. 236-237

Assignment Requirements

  • Take a side either pro or con that you believe is stronger.  Upload a word document with your work to Canvas.
  • Your assignment should be 750-1000 words and formatted using APA format.
  • At least two sources should be used to support your position (In addition to those provided) 
  • Do some research to add support to position that adds to the sources and information from the text. 
  • Be sure to cite your sources correctly.