Urgent a high level analysis


Please view the Excel sheet that is provided in order to find the data needed for this paper. Titled “Air Quality” where you will find all of the numerical values, etc. along with the document “Term Project Template” which will guide you on how to complete this paper.

Requirements are on the term paper, this must be followed exactly or it will not meet the requirements.

Once the paper is complete, it must be converted into a single PDF file.

2. The variables that you plan to use. One of these has to be treated as the dependent variable. In addition, there should be at least two independent variables. (Thus, a minimum of three variables should be chosen for your study).

3. The kind of analysis that you plan to perform. Since this is a writing project I am more interested in whether or not you are capable of successfully completing various sections in the template that I provided and end up with a coherent report. My advice is to keep this part simple and choose a conventional technique such as either linear regression (if your dependent variable is numeric) or logistic regression (if your dependent variable is categorical). This will give you more time to focus on other sections of the report. You can always bolster your analysis and results sections with basic analyses such as summary statistics, correlation analysis, various types of univariate and bivariate charts and tables.

4. Add a few sentences providing some background to the problem/question that you are thinking of addressing. For example, “I want to study the relationship between a country’s GDP and level of happiness (the idea is to test whether or not a higher income makes people happy)” or “I am interested in comparing the average sales of computer games across various gaming platforms (the idea is to test whether some platforms are more popular than others)”. Once you have formed your research question, make sure to include a few sentences that support your choice (i.e. why do you think studying this question is useful).

Please make sure to:

(a) use the writing template that I provided for your draft (even if you leave some of the sections empty for now)

(b) include some initial references (there is no upper limit but please include at least 10 references in your final report), and

(c) make sure to go over the video lectures and sample papers that I provided in the “Writing Project” section on Blackboard as these resources contain useful information and important guidance about the project