Trust your employees | Management homework help


We have been discussing and reading about different kinds of management styles and the roles that leaders have in today’s business environment.   One of the key components of good leadership that always seems to come to the forefront is the concept of trust.  In the front line focused discussion we had, trust in those employees who talk to customers every day is the most important factor. When we talked about the concept of credibility, honesty was the #1 quality that employees look for in leadership, which relates back to trust in our leaders and their trust in us.  Trust is a key component from the very top of the organization,  including the CEO, to the front line employees who have direct contact with the customers that are buying products and services.  The  similarity here in their focus on the customer is how they treat their  employees. When employees feel inspired, confident, supported, and trusted, look how well the customers are treated. Something to think about.      

The 4-minute video below by Simon Sinek will explain how this works. Listen to his encounter with Noah at Starbucks.

For this week’s discussion, who do you trust? Is there a leader out there that you see that you trust and that inspires you, maybe someone you read about in the news or see on social media? Maybe it’s someone you work for or have worked for in the past. Who are they and why do you  trust them?