Topic: positive effects of soy on our individual diets i chose this


Topic: Positive Effects of Soy on our Individual Diets

I chose this topic because growing up my family would rotate soybean crops in with corn and wheat to prevent the land from being stripped of certain nutrients. As a child in the early 1980s, I always wondered what soybeans were used for. As I grew older, I learned exactly what it was used for. This morning I searched “nutrition related tops,” and this topic piqued my interest.

I already have seen there are studies out there on breast cancer and prostate cancer survivors using soy as part of their diet to reduce the recurrence of the disease. I will search for credible sources on soy, soy beans, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. Once I establish other benefits that soy has on the body, I will research them as well.

APA Paper Rubric

  • Is the analysis thoughtful and objectively presented?
  • Is the paper relevant and presented as approved in the topic proposal, annotated bibliography and outline?
  • Does the paper demonstrate an understanding of the nutritional science related to the topic and is that science integrated into the analysis? Are points well supported?
  • Does the paper use nutritional science terminology correctly and appropriately?
  • Is the paper the proper length (4-6 double-spaced pages not including the title and reference pages)?
  • Are sources appropriately cited?
  • Is the paper original work completed for this class?
  • Are the articles scholarly?
  • Are there a minimum of 3 scholarly articles and/or books as assigned per the final paper guidelines?
  • Outline Rubric
  • Is the FPO in outline format and developed based on the approved Topic and AB?
  • Are section headings in the FPO clear?
  • Does the FPO demonstrate a well thought out and organized approach to the Final Paper?
  • Is the FPO submitted by the deadline?
  • Is the document file name properly formatted per the assignment details?
  • Does the FPO use APA formatting?
  • Annotated Bibliography Rubric
  • Are references included and does the outline indicate where each is being used for support?
  • Does the AB critically examine at least 3 credible scholarly sources?
  • Does the AB present each source separately and address its timeliness to the final paper and why it is a credible source?
  • Does the AB discuss for each source how it will be used in the paper and why it is being used?
  • Is the AB submitted by the deadline?
  • Is the document file name properly formatted per the assignment details?
  • Does the AB use APA formatting?