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 Please read the code of ethics for coaching below and then watch “The Scheme” on HBO and answer the listed questions in essay format. Ethics is about an appreciation of what is right and wrong in certain situations, and how to act in those situations. Often ethics will be reduced to a set of rules or guidelines to help individuals act appropriately. In coaching, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the International Association of Coaching (IAC) each have their own set of ethical guidelines for their members, which are similar and generally cover the key area of: Competence – the coach is competent and engaged in professional development Context – the coaching is relevant and appropriate to the background context Boundary Management – the coach will not work outside their professional capability and will refer the player to another professional if necessary Integrity – maintain confidentiality within the terms of the contract and unless there are grounds for breaking confidentiality as previously agreed, such as conduct which is dishonest, unlawful, unprofessional or discriminatory Professionalism – act professionally in the best interests of the player/client and not exploit the player/client in any way Ethical guidelines such as these will be strictly adhered to by the vast majority of coaches who take their coaching responsibilities and professionalism very seriously. There will always be situations that fall outside of or are in a grey area of interpretation of an ethical code, and these situations can create ethical dilemmas for the coach as it may be unclear to them how they should best behave or react to maintain ethical professionalism in the situation. On these rare occasions, the coach should resort to professional coaching supervision to help them manage and work through the dilemma in the best interests of the player and client. 1.) How can the system of the NCAA conflict with a college coach’s ethics? 2.) Do you think the Arizona assistant coach on “The Scheme” deserved to do jail time? 3.) Why do you think that Sean Miller, Rick Pitino, and Will Wade we’re not criminally implicated? 4.) Do you see a double standard in the NCAA system as a billion-dollar industry in sports they define as “amateurism”? Please explain 5.) Do you think the FBI could have gone further with their indictments? If yes why? 6.) Was there a lack of ethics displayed by the coaches