Term paper (10 pages) | Computer Science homework help


You are expected to demonstrate knowledge about the class. Please select the topic below and then start to research their current background, survey the related information, and analyze the structure of the requirements. Finally, you design the paper involving an appropriate project organization-structure and surveyed topics based on APA format.

Then write the term paper.

Project Topic – Digital Forensics Investigative Process


– The submitted assignment must be typed by ONE Single MS Word/PDF file

–  At least 10 pages and 3 references

–  Use 12-font size and 1.5 lines space

–  No more than 4 figures and 3 tables

–  Follow APA style and content format: Follow the APA (American Psychological Association) for writing style.

Further instructions are in the attached file below. Please read all the instructions carefully and write the term paper

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