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Technology Conference Registration
Based on the case project shown in Figure 5-111, create a requirements document and a Use Case Definition document, and then design a Windows application. Before writing the code, create an event planning document for each event in the program.


It is important that developers update their skills by attending developers conferences. The Dynamic International Management Consorttium (DIMC) runs and manages the ADSE (Active Developers Skill Enhancement) Conference two times per year. To encourage companies to send multiple employees to the conference, the cost per attendee is determined based on the number of attending developers from a given company. The table below specifies cost per attendee.
Number of Conference
Registration per
Company Cost per Attendee
1 $695
2-4 $545
5-8 $480
8 or more $395


DIMS has requested that you develop a Windows application that can determine and display the total cost per company for developers attending the conference. DIMC has a conference policy that states if any member of a company has attended a previous DIMC conference, the company receives a 15% discount from the total cost of its employees who attend. The policy also states that no more than 16 people from a single company can attend the conference. DIMC has asked that you design the program so that the user must enter valid data.