Team building agenda | Education homework help


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Design an agenda for an early childhood team meeting focused on team building and developing positive relationships between your staff members. The agenda will include at least the following elements to be included in the meeting:

  • A summary of one (1) research article on teamwork or building positive relationships between co-workers in early childhood education settings along with a rationale for sharing this at the meeting.  
  • Directions, estimated time needed, and a rationale for implementing a team-building exercise
  • Handout with directions for the team building activity including goals/outcomes for participants. Incorporate 1 credible resource to support your content.

The deliverable should also include:

  • Professional language, including proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Reference page with APA formatted references that matches your chosen article and one (1) references for your team building activity.


  • One document including summary, directions for the team-building exercise and handout.
  • Reference page with APA formatted references