Team assignment bshs 422 | Social Science homework help

Write a minimum 5-page (or 1700 words)* paper that proposes a plan for delivering culturally competent services to one of the characters or the family appearing in the book or film.  We are looking at roughly 425 words each, please include 2 references in your writings.  Just as a reminder we have chosen the film The Color Purple – Please have your portions to me by 8pm Saturday EST.  It seems as if we need to pick a character to focus on for this assignment and I am suggesting “Mister” Danny Glover’s character.  

  • Briefly summarize the book/film, and the main cultural issues faced by the character.-
  • Link the client’s cultural issues and your culturally competent plan of service to relevant research and class materials using citations and references. 
  • Explore the richness of cultural diversity exhibited by this character.  That is, identify which culture this character mainly identifies with, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of this culture as portrayed by the character or characters. 
  • Demonstrate and discover the character’s issues related to race and identity, linking this to research and class material.  For example, who has acculturation issues and faces alienation from his or her family?
  • Then, develop culturally competent strategies address those issues. 

 This is my portion should be 425 words and two references


o   Format your paper according to APA standards and use 3rd