Suppose a small company has five employees

Suppose a small company has five employees and is planning to increase the number to six. Moreover, suppose one of the company”s programscontained the following assignment statements.Daily Salary=Total Sal/ 5 ;Avg Salary = Total Sal/ 5;Daily Sales = Total Sales/ 5 ;AvgSales = Total Sales/ 5;How would the task of updating the program be simplified if the program had originally been written using constants named NumberOf Emp and Workweek (both set to the value 5) so that the assignment statements could be expressed asDaily Salary= TotalSal/DaysWk;AvgSalary = Total Sal/NumEmpl;D a i l y S a l e s = TotalSales/DaysWk;AvgSales = TotalSales/NumEmpl;