Starbucks project | Operations Management homework help

  1. Read the 5-page case study, “For Starbucks, It’s in the Bag.”
  2. In MLA format , write a three-page research paper about the following:  
    1. What methods did Starbucks use that were discussed this semester?
    2. How did Starbucks determine how to define quality?  
    3. What changes did Starbucks make to improve their products and/or processes?  What processes/products were improved?  
  3. In your paper’s organization, I would like to see at least the following: 
    1. Introduction – The introduction is just a summary telling the reader what your paper is going to talk about.  In this case, it shouldn’t be more than a couple or three paragraphs at most probably.  
    2. You could probably break the rest of the paper into three or four sections covering topics such as Starbucks’ research methods, their processes and products, their results, etc.  It doesn’t HAVE TO BE organized this way.  I’m just giving these as examples of how your paper might logically flow.  
    3. At the end, you will want to do a closing section that summarizes what you’re trying to get across to your reader.  
  4. Be sure to do the following:  
    1. Cite your sources.  Be sure to go out and fine at least five or six outside sources (other than the case study itself and your textbook–they don’t count).  Do not use Wikipedia.  It is not considered a valid source for academic work.  
    2. Run spell- and grammar-check on your paper before you submit it.  Spelling and grammar can cost you points, so I would
      1. Run it through a checker.
      2. Read it and re-read it yourself.
      3. Have someone else read it and mark it up with any mistakes or things that don’t make sense.  Other people see the things we don’t especially when we’ve been reading it, re-reading it, and so on.  
    3. Save your final document as a pdf and submit it as an attachment.  

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your grasp of the material.  If you see where Starbucks used a method or addressed a problem that was covered this semester, you should include that.  If you see how their quality or process was improved in a way that you recognize from this semester, show that in your write-up.  You don’t want to just re-write what you have read in the case study.  

There is an old explanation of successful public speaking that says you should tell your audience what you’re going to tell them (the introduction), tell them (the main body), and then tell them what you told them (conclusion/summary).  Research papers of this type are not much different.  

It should go without saying, but I will say it anyway that this is a solo project, meaning no group effort.  This applies to groups of classmates working together as well as getting outside help of any kind (other than the aforementioned proofreading–that’s ok).  

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