Staff study introductory chapter submission/no plagarism professor

Submitting the introductory chapter on a Criminal Justice Topic

The student will then write and submit the introduction chapter and a reference list that will:

  1. Define the relevant organizational problem you have selected to examine. This is a critical first step because the entire staff study is based on the identification of the problem.
  2. Discuss why it is an important issue for your agency by relating its impact on the mission and the objectives of the organization.
  3. Explain how your approach will improve the situation or advance the state of knowledge on the issue.
  4. The introductory chapter requires five types of information:
  • A brief background of the issue.
  • A statement of the problem or objective.
  • Your research questions clearly set forth.
  • Your methods or design discussed.
  • Explain the potential relevance of the findings. Briefly discuss the potential impact of the study and subsequent action plans in terms of personnel, facilities, budget and implementation processes.

5.Lay out your plan of action for obtaining information to solve this problem by listing sources you have identified.