Sociology discussion 6 responses | Sociology homework help

1.  According to Margaret Nelson, technology is used in three ways to support their children. The first way is through connection. With this, parents use technology to connect with their children at all ages, starting in infancy with baby monitors that project the parent’s voice, and continues into adolescence and beyond with the integration of cell phones and social platforms. The second way is through constraint. This is done through constraining boundaries within technology, allowing parents the capability to block certain content from their child’s sight. Lastly, technology helps parents support their children through spying. Here, parents can implement GPS technology onto their child’s cell phone or in their cars to keep a record of their child’s movements. She also speaks about the BrickHouse GPS Child Locator, an unremovable tracking device that can be placed on the child’s backpack or clothing.

2.  There are three ways technology can be use to enhance parental control the negative ways the children are influenced by technology according to Margaret Nelson. Firstly, technology made it possible for the parents to connect with their kids from smart phone to the social media account and see who their kids communicate with. Parents may gather information about their children when they are not together. Secondly, parents can monitor  or control their kids on line activities by setting the boundaries. And lastly, parent can track their kids movement by using devices in a phone or hidden in a car to track children’s movements. This will allow parents to keep secret records of children’s movements and alerting parents when kids broken the driving rules or neighborhood limits. Parent will be aware of kids chatting through computer keystroke recorder. This is safety precaution to let parents safeguard their children.   

3.  The three ways parents use technology to support their children is connection, constraint, and spying. Connection is used through technology by baby monitors or cell phones. Baby monitors can help parents here how their child acts when they are not around. Cell phones are used for texting and being able to be in touch with the children when they are at school or at a friends house. Constraint is used through technology by monitoring what they are able to watch on TV or what they are able to use on the internet. Spying is used through technology by tracking. There are apps that parents can use to track where there child is at all times. iPhones have a feature that you can share your location with others so they know where you are. I tend to do this, not to spy on someone or allow someone to spy on me, but for safety purposes.

4.  According to Margaret Nelson, the three ways that parents use technology to support their children is connection, Constraint, and spying. Connection – can be made with various social media apps, but one thing that has helped parents stay connected with children especially in school, is parents are able to go online to powerschool or canvas to check out how their child is doing with their school and are able to help them with time management and academics, instead of finding out later when they get a report card. Constraint- parents are able to limit and restrict certain things on their television, computer, and phone so their children are not able to access the content they shouldn’t be watching. Spying- they do it to track their child by sharing the childs location, or even track it by using find my iphone, they can use a motioner or nanny cam in their room to see what their kids are doing at all time, and to see their not getting in to trouble.