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For this assignment we will use to practice your evaluation skills. Go to and choose a video based on American football. The video should have the coach giving instruction and athletes performing that instruction. It would be ideal to choose a video based upon a position that you have coached or are interested in coaching. For example, if you have experience coaching the secondary you should choose a video on defensive backs or drills that will work to improve defensive back play.

After giving a review of the drill or coaching instruction, evaluate the athlete’s performance of that instruction. Answer the following questions in your review: Was the instruction technical or tactical? (Please provide specific examples). What specifically did the athletes do well? What specifically could the athletes have improved upon?

Develop a two page review/evaluation of the video you choose. Make sure to include at least two aspects of evaluation from this week’s learning. You can talk about strength, speed, agility, power, and flexibility as points from the book. Finally, please make sure to include the URL or web address of the drill you are analyzing.

This essay must be double-spaced and approximately two pages in length. Please cite all references used to develop your essay. Need help with APA format? 

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