Secure network application project assignment | BMIS 663 – Secure Enterprise Design and Development | Liberty University


Secure Network Application Project Assignment Instructions

Using Microsoft Visio or a subsequent visual design tool, diagram a network in which you are familiar. 

Write a thorough report detailing the design.

The report must be a minimum of 5 pages excluding the title page, Visio diagram(s), and references.

It must include, at a minimum, 10 peer-reviewed sources to justify the design. 

In the design include (at a minimum):

· 4 Application servers

· 2 Virtual environments

· 4 File servers

· 2 Database servers

· 2 Storage Area Networks

· 4 Virtual Local Area Network segmentations for different roles/levels of user permissions

· 2 Virtual Private Networks

· Appropriate network switches and routers to host the client server architecture

· 2 Demilitarized Zones

· 4 Firewalls

Total 10 Pages 10 references