Response 5 re: topic 2 dq 2 | ethics


Response 5  Re: Topic 2 DQ 2

All human life is essentially valued to me. I take a theist view on this question and believe that God created the existence of all things but has allowed for some form of evolution that has resulted in how the world and people are today (White, 2020). I feel that humans possess features that need to be valued and cherished such as emotions, reason, compassion, and conciseness. With traits such as these, human beings are able to live and thrive amongst themselves. They provide things for not only society, but for one another. Humans do not only have value when they present scientific advances or talent in my opinion and are more than just what they can give. People are able to bring joy and love to the world and show kindness that gives a meaning to life. The worth of a human being can not be measured because each and every individual has unique characteristics with worth apart from external benefits or contributions which can be considered an intrinsic view (White, 2020).

I have mixed views on controversial issues such as abortion, designer babies, and stem cell research. On abortion, I can see a point from both sides and would like to take a look at the circumstances. If a woman is raped, I don’t feel like she should be shamed if she doesn’t want to continue the pregnancy. I know my view on this can be met with opposition, but this is how I personally feel. My place is not to judge others, as I would leave that to God and God alone. If there were life-threatening circumstances due to pregnancy, then my stance would be the same, that abortion should be a viable option. Though I am more “pro choice” sided, I would not consider using abortion as a proper form of birth control. That to me would be unethical, wrong, and against my beliefs.

Designer babies is a newer concept to me. I’m not sure if we should be able to determine the look and physical appearance, but I do believe if it could change a negative thing such as a defective gene which could improve quality of life, then I would agree with it. It is contradicting to say that because why can we choose one and not the other as well, but that is my view on the topic. With stem-cell research, I would support it if it is to improve quality of life. Many could say that these topics allow humans to “play God”, so the argument over them is valid for debate. My ultimate question would be “Did God allow us to discover these new technologies and advances in science, or does it go against his inherent wishes?”


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