Respond to shannon post | Criminal homework help

“We have a national crisis,” (O’Donnell, 2016)

We are at a day and age in our society where becoming a officer is very difficult unfortunately. Many people have criminal records even very minor that are preventing them from passing the back ground check. If we made a modification where people who have a minor marijuana charge, since it is now legal in most states, on their record I believe that we would have more applicants that want to apply. Marijuana is the No. 1 disqualifier for police applicants.

If the physical requirements for women were modified more women would be able to make it through the agility portion of the academy. The agility test only makes up 1/2 of the academy but can be the single reason women cannot graduate. Women’s body’s also can change drastically the birth of a child and I don’t believe things like that are taken into accountability. 

If people wanted to have the same daily dangers, tasks, and test to get into the police academy as the military why not just join the military? 

Collins, D., & Maria, L. (2016). Police loosen standards for accepting recruits. Police1. Retrieved 12 October 2022, from

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