Research project: presentation | Philosophy homework help


Create a 7-minute slideshow presentation with accompanying speaker notes on the topic Punishment and Rehabilitation of Criminals.

Presentation Issue/Question: Do we have a moral obligation to rehabilitate or punish criminals? Do we have a moral right to impose the death penalty on criminals?

Decide what your position is on this topic for example in favor or against and prepare to explain why. Pick one or more ethical theories to justify your beliefs about the topic. Present both sides of the issue fairly; then justify your viewpoint. End with at least three ethical discussion questions about the topic. Include a slide that lists your references in APA format (see the presentation outline section). Make sure your presentation features an appropriate number of slides and presents the information as clearly as possible. Avoid including slides with too many words, lack of clarity, and poor grammar. Use illustrations where appropriate. Utilize the information within the Research Presentation outline which is attached.