Research assignment on ” rule of law versus rule by affiliation”

Please write an approximately 850 – 1000 word  well researched essay on ” Rule of Law versus Rule by Affiliation” (remember: all footnotes to be in Chicago Style with full bibliographic information) that includes the following:


1)      The history of the “mix” of Charles Lindblom’s ” Five Forces of Social Control” in your chosen country, going back in your country’s history as far as you reasonably can,  so that you can give a nuanced picture of the development of the mix of those Five Forces.


2)      The ostensible PRESENT “mix” of the Five Forces of Social Control as that relates to the environment in which business is conducted in that country, and the recent (last fifty or so years, or longer if the same form of government has existed for longer than that) history of how this form of government came to be put in place.


3)      The ACTUAL “mix” of the Five Forces of Social Control that controls the business environment now, and what historical, geographic, social, religious, or other cultural factors are responsible for any differences there may be between the official or ostensible business regulatory and/or support environment, and the ACTUAL business regulatory and/or support environment.


4)      Your overall conclusion as to whether Rule by Affiliation or Rule of Law (in the sense explained in the Lecture Notes) is the dominant force in the country you chose,  and  the basis of your conclusion.

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