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Learning style is diverse; everyone understands, engages with, and stores information differently. According to research, cognitive engagement can fall into four categories: 1) passive, 2) active, 3) constructive, and 4) interactive (Zepeda & Nokes-Malach, 2021). If learning style is diverse and cognitive engagement is diverse, then it is possible to surmise that metacognitive study is diverse as well. Metacognition, understanding personal thought process, involves knowing one’s learning and cognitive engagement styles, and actively using them.

College students can use knowledge of metacognition to improve their study skills. Knowing and understanding personal learning processes can directly influence information storage, understanding, and application to behavior and other things as well. Understanding these processes can help a student adapt to their personal style of metacognitive practices, which will improve study skill.

In my future academic work, I will apply what I have observed of my own thinking patterns and processes, which will help improve my focus, notes, and information recall. For example, I know that my notes need to be formatted a specific way for me to think clearly, study, and learn. Because I know this, I will be sure to apply this to my study time. This can ensure greater success academically.