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 Unipolar and bipolar are both forms of depression. Both of these conditions are considered medical condition which can occur without a life experience trigger unlike some other depression disorders. A lot of the symptoms are the same for bipolar and unipolar depression with a few differences and treatment ideas. Bipolar disorder deals with mood swings and bipolar mania. Bipolar depression is more episodic than unipolar depression. Bipolar depression can fall into mania, and due to the risk of mania bipolar and unipolar have different treatment plans. Unipolar depression can utilize serotonin-based treatments such as SSRI antidepressants, amino acid supplements, and also light box therapy. When it comes to bipolar treatments the use of serotonin-based treatment needs to be used with caution due to the fact that it can cause mania. When it comes to nonmedication treatment, unipolar depression finds this more effective because bipolar depression going through cycles of depression and mania. Unipolar depression do not go through cycles and are not always depressed .