Religious Freedom Reflection Paper

Read pages 35-48 from Laing.
Read pages 19-44 from Goldford.
Write a 3-page reflection paper on the importance of religious freedom. Address the following points:
Freedom to pray in the form of one’s own faith traditions (i.e., praying in Jesus name)
The significance of diversity
Pluralistic vs pluralism
Include at least two scholarly sources (in addition to your assigned readings) that support your writing.
Create a 4-slide PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your paper.
Title Slide
Slide 1: Introduction to Theme
Slide 2: Major Takeaways
Slide 3: Major Takeaways
Slide 4: Resulting Potential Action

***As a writing style we are using Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS). Notice, we are NOT USING FOOTNOTES or a BIBLIOGRAPHY at the end of your written works. However, on ALL assignments we will use CMOS Author/Date style (in-text citations style) of citing sources with a CMOS Resources Cited list at the end of all your writing submissions. The Resources Cited list follows Kate Turabian’s standard listings for bibliographic material listed in her book, A Manual for Writers, 9th edition. See Chapters 18 & 19 for details.***

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