Recommendations for changes to the training design and development

In a separate Word document, make your recommendations for changes to the training design and development process.
Update at least 1 of the training courses

1. Title

2. Introduction

a. What is training and development

b. What can it provide

c. How can it be beneficial

3. Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

a. What is it purpose

b. How can it help

i. Strategies 

1. Where do we stand currently

ii. Resources

iii. Internal environment

1. Acceptance and impact

4. Assessing needs

a. Training needs analysis –goals

i. Cross training

ii. Group training

iii. Individual training

5. Assessing effectiveness

a. Organizational Change

b. Workforce effectiveness

c. Couse objectives align with organizational goals and objectives

6. Learning Theories

a. Learning styles

b. Learning methods

c. Evaluating

7. Conclusion

a. Taking each slide and it’s info and putting it into a lasting impression

8. Questions

9. References