Read the chapter 7 critical thinking case in the organizational


Read the Chapter 7 Critical Thinking Case in the Organizational Behavior text Motivating Employees at JC Penney, Walmart, and Amazon in the Age of Online Shopping (Open Stax).


Research the current environments, cultures, and reputations of JC Penney,  Walmart and Amazon as places to work.


Once you have read the case study and completed your research, use the following guidelines to write your paper:

This assignment is to be at least 3 pages long:


  • Introduce the topic and summarize the paper.

The main body of the paper should address the following areas:

  • Provide an overview of motivation tools or techniques each company currently uses to inspire its employees to perform at an optimal level.
  • Explain what motivational issues you would expect in each company.
  • Identify what motivational techniques you would suggest that each company employ.
  • Examine how multiculturalism may be a factor in motivating their employees.


  • Provide a summary of the paper and an overview of what the reader should take away from the paper (purpose).
  • There should be a minimum of three separate outside sources correctly cited and referenced to support and validate your case study paper this week listed on a separate reference page.