Public health informatics | English homework help

In a Word document, (500 words) essay style answer the following question:


  • Assume that you are a manager of a public health agency. How would you develop and expand the informatics competencies of the staff at your agency? It may help to frame your response in terms of the specific issue, such as the importance of developing an organizational capacity to create ad hoc reports.
  • Support your response with at least 2 academic sources outside the required materials for the course.


Demonstrates full understanding of the question and has accurately applied concepts learned in the course.

Provides in-depth answer with further elaboration. Critical thinking is evident throughout. Examples are used in the answer. 

Writing is logically organized and tightly focused. Main ideas are clearly stated and supported with details. Information is on-topic.

No spelling or grammar mistakes. Formatting follows the current version of the Vancouver Style Guide.


the subjects in page 16 out of 20  in the attachment may help to choose the topics

we need to take about 2 points at least and it must be in depth