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2 responses to discussion posts. No format. no sourses. Responed personally to each post. 200-250 words each. attached (for reference) is my original post and the information from the text that the posts are based off of. 


First Post:  This weeks reading assignment may have been the first I was actually connected with since the beginning of this course. It provided us the best motivation that I feel is the reasoning behind success. Achievement motivation is defined as significant accomplishment, for mastering skills or ideas, for control, and for attaining a high standard. I feel that if on is i a position of leadership, that individual has to not only provide the motivation needed to complete mission, but show that motivation in their everyday walk, being that example. I use this method of achievement motivation for self and for others on my team as the environment I work in can drain the life out of you. In understanding the Hierarchy of Needs, knowing my teams needs make achieving the goal of accomplishment that much easier. Other principles in the reading assignment that I personally use to keep motivation and morale are offering incentives in this limited work environment I am in. I offer my teams days off when the mission tempo ha slowed to a halt. When i am receiving difficult task directives that will be delegated to teams, the difficulty in the tasks is not a set back due to the outcome when individuals look forward to that time off to spend with family and friends in the immediate area.  


Second Post: I would have to go with positivity. With my job being a 911 dispatcher it can be very hard, stressful, and demanding. With the different types of phone calls from something simple as locking keys in a car or someone in cardiac arrest can really put a damper on things espcially being a new person. We are currently in the process here at our center with training some new people. It’s hard being the new person on training. Everyone expects you to get everything right and to already know how to do the job before actually ever doing it. Sometimes when a lot of incidents are happening at once new people aren’t as quick as the others making the job frustrating for people who have been working here for years. Those who have been here for years tend to get upset with the new people maybe even yell sometimes when there is a hot call. That can set back a new person make them feel as if they aren’t good enough. You just have to keep reminding the new people that they will get better with time and practice. Don’t give up if someone is getting on you about something they are just use to the process going a little faster and forget that sometimes there is a new person. To keep the new people motivated I remind them that I was once in their shoes not long ago and I know how they feel. Just to keep their head up and continue to practice and want to do better, Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Always have a smile on your face and just let the new people know you are there if they need. Always be positive.

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