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MA210 Syllabus Page 12 of 15 Last Revised 01/2022 Curriculum Revised: 01/2022 Project The student will be given a medical condition or disease. They will have to research it to come up with enough information to write a detailed note as described below. Must be in PQRRRST format and have specific notes for each part of the acronym. Chief Complaint and PMH must add up to minimum of 55 words 1. Chief Complaint: Must be minimum of 30 words (abbreviation included) 2. Past Medical History: Must be a minimum of 25 words 3. Medications: Must have medications that are associated with your disease and the proper dosages and two others with the proper dosages that are associated with the PMH. 4. Allergies: Must have 4 allergies: a. 2 Medication b. 1 Environmental c. 1 Food You will be graded on: 1. Accuracy of the note. 2. Proper medications and dosages for the disease given. 3. Proper format. (PQRRRST)