Professor alyssa!!! 1st assignment out of 2.

I have split these into 2 questions since they are technically 2 assignments.  This document will be part of the 2nd assignment since they are all within the same project. 


You have agreed with upper management to provide a “Train and Coach the Trainers” element for your new HRD program.

In a 2-3 page (double spaced) document, cover the following;

·      Discuss what issues you will need to be concerned with in order to effectively and efficiently train and coach the trainers.

·      Discuss issues that may arise pertaining to such things as: “peer training”, “coaching”, and “mentoring.”

·      Explain how you can ensure motivation connected with the training topic? How can you ensure “Transfer of Training”?

·      Suggest follow up training topics which may help to ensure trainees remain up-to-date in their abilities and skills connected with the topic.


Please only use the uploaded document or further project documents as your resources. Let me know if you have any

problems though!