Prayer Exercise

Objective: Compose written prayers for specific times of a worship service.
Praying is such an integral part of Christianity that it is important to master it use, applications and styles. Prayer in worship is conducted both formally and informally. There are many different aspects of worship where prayer is used. It is conducted as corporate supplication, on behalf of the worshiping community or as a personal supplication for a specific purpose or reason. In this section on prayer, we will focus on the different styles of prayer to include both corporate and personal prayer.

Compare and contrast the different styles, methods, and purposes of prayer.
Write five different prayers that are at least one minute in length when prayed aloud. Each prayer will have a different beginning and ending.
An invocation (opening a worship service)
A pastoral prayer (in a worship service)
A benediction (at a funeral)
An intercessory prayer (for someone you are ministering to who is going through crisis)
An opening prayer for a town council meeting (believers and non-believers)
Read Hughes, Chapter 5.

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