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Plan the Program Scope, Schedule, and Budget

Some entity in an organization structure must be responsible for planning the program scope, schedule, and budget. In complex, matrix organizations, this responsibility typically devolves to the program management office (PMO). However, in other organizations the planning and organizing task may be performed by the “operations” department, or a similar group. Discuss the function and structure for organizing the practice of earned value management. In particular, address the roles and responsibilities of key people and groups. In your explanation, consider how the following key people and roles interact in order to practice earned value management:

  • Importance of the control account managers (CAM)
  • Staffing the program controls function (e.g., schedulers, earned value analysts, and accounting analysts)
  • Integrated product teams (IPTs)
  • Project managers
  • Technical experts/subject matter experts
  • The Program Management Office (PMO)

Note: If you do not have any personal experience in the organizations of which you have been a member, you may employ a case study from the course reference Project Management Case Studies (4th ed.) (Kerzner, 2013). The specific case study that can be used for this assignment is, “The Need for Project Management Metrics,” (A)1, (B)2, (C)3, (D)4, (E)5, (F)6, (G)7, and (H)8 on pages 411–444.