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The purpose of this self-portrait is to give you the opportunity to reflect upon your learning and teaching practice – be it formal or informal – and articulate a statement about who you are as developing educator/facilitator of learning. You will demonstrate the integration of your understanding of self, learning theories, institutional/societal context, and your personal teaching/facilitation practice. It is meant to help you identify, critically reflect upon, and discuss your experiential understanding of the key concepts in the course and how these insights inform you as an adult education professional. Your statement should demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the course readings and activities, class discussions from each session and other relevant materials. 

As you work your way through the course, you are expected to consciously work towards your learning goal/s, reflect upon and relate material to your lived experience, analyze and evaluate concepts and make connections between various themes, models, and strategies discussed in the course literature and resources and experienced in class. These reflections should be noted in a learning journal that you maintain throughout the course (Note: you are NOT required to submit your journal) or you may choose to use the learning matrix provided. A matrix is provided in the Resources tab to assist you to document your learning. 


At the end of the course, you will consider your learning goals, critically appraise your learning process, consider your key learning insights from the course, synthesize your overall insights, and represent them in both a text and non-text-based manner. Your visual representation will be shared with the class during our last session. Your paper should draw upon your learning journal and the selected topic/s, course readings, class discussions and other relevant materials and be grounded in the course literature. Include a photo of your representation at the end of your paper as an appendix. 

Length: 4-6 pages (exclusive of title and reference pages), 2000 words max, APA style, typed, double-spaced, TNR, 12 point font.