Policy analysis | Social Welfre Policies | Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University

 Assignment V:  Policy Analysis Paper (1, 800 minimum words and group assignment) Due Date:  November 20, 2021  The policy analysis paper offers students an opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking skills in the policy practice arena. Utilizing the textbook, government websites and outside scholarly sources, students will: examine a social welfare policy of their choice and provide a written analysis of the existing policy in the chosen areas. Students will conduct extensive research surrounding this problem, including material from the textbook, updated information from web sites, sources provided in footnotes (from the text), media sources, political leaders’ writing, web sites, and public statements. Students will write a paper in the most recent APA style addressing the following areas: 

  1. Discuss the type of policy you have selected – Give the name of the policy and discuss what type of policy it is (i.e., residual, universal, cash benefit, means tested etc.). 
  2. Discuss how the policy helps to reduce social, economic, or environmental injustice in the USA?
  3. Discuss the history of the problem addressed by the policy

D. Discuss when and how the policy was developed (i.e., what existed before the policy and how and when the policy became what exists today by giving a timeline). E. According to research What is working with the policy and what is not working (discuss both the positive and negative outcomes of the policy)F.   In your opinion, what changes should be made to the policy to improve its effectiveness.