Planning a software development project

 Section 1: Written Project Plan   

  1. Determine the factors that must be considered and observed throughout the WBS development process and explain why.
  2. Create a WBS for the scope of the project. Note: The WBS must be in indented format as shown in Figure 5.5B in Chapter 5 of the text.
  3. Analyze the various activities required for this project and provide an estimate of duration for each activity based on the number of resources available for the project. Include assumptions and basis for each estimate. 
  4. Recommend the estimation technique that should be used for each activity (i.e., PERT, Delphi, Analogy, Expert Judgment, or Rule of Thumb).
  5. Determine the major milestones that the project will encounter. 
  6. Describe the logical sequence of planned activities required to achieve the project and analyze how monitoring durations on the critical path influence the success of the project.

 Section 2: Project Plan Use Microsoft Project to:

  1. Document all resources that would be required for this project within the Resource Sheet form within the software.
  2. List all the activities required for the project. Break down the activities by the major milestones.
  3. Enter the estimate of required durations, dependencies, and assign resources for each activity.
  4. Generate a Gantt chart that shows all of the project deliverables, from beginning to end.