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Analyze the deep, underlying assumptions of your organization. You may analyze either your current or past employer, a volunteer organization, or any group in which you have participated. If you have never formally worked for an organization, feel free to analyze a club, team, or any other organization you have been a part of. Feel free to use pseudonyms for your organization, leaders, and any other individuals mentioned in your essay.


1. Incorporate elements from the unit lesson and readings, specifically analyzing the following categories of deep, underlying assumptions within your organization:


a)      deep assumptions about reality and truth,


b)      deep assumptions about the nature of time and space, and


c)      deep assumptions about human nature, activity, and relationships. (Your essay should especially focus on this category of deep assumptions.)


2. How are these deep, underlying assumptions shared throughout all levels of the organization, including the executive level; division, department, and/or team levels; and the individual level? How are these assumptions perpetuated at each level?


3. Have you observed any of these deep assumptions being challenged? If so, explain the scenario and the outcome. If not, why do you think the organization’s deep, underlying assumptions are typically not challenged in your organization?


Your Essay must be a minimum of three pages and be in APA style.