Persuasive self-directed essay about gender equality and racism

This is a self-directed research project on a topic of race, gender, or class. Write an entertaining persuasive essay using source information to develop your ideas. Use source material to support your discussion. Include George Orwells ideas and quotes about gender equality and racisim. As well as Vishanthie Sewpaul Your essay should be 5 to 7 pages, typed and double spaced. Organize your essay effectively, develop your ideas thoughtfully, and explain why readers should care about this. Main ideas focus on the start point of racism in the 15th century and briefly talk how it all started and why and where it started. Religion and personal beliefs excluded. Include Bell Hooks thoughts about gender equality and racism.  Use the book or sources you selected, but do not spend too much time talking about the book or sources. This is not a book report. You should use the book as a starting point, find additional relevant sources, and discuss them purposefully in your essay. Cite your sources (MLA or APA) in the body of your essay and list them at the end. Use resources such as the Online Writing Lab to make sure you cite sources appropriately.