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Your personal mission essay is to be 5-7 pages long.  Think of it as a written vision board of who you are, your plan in life, what you’d like to accomplish, and the legacy you’d like to leave behind. Take the propose of your degree for instance; My degrees mean something different to me than yours will. I did what I did to get right where I am: teaching this class. That may not be your plan, but what is? In this paper, you will share your plan. Maybe this will become a document that you look back on in the future, to help you stay focused on what you value in your life. At the very least, it will be the culmination of what you learn in this course and help to set you on the path that you intend to follow throughout your time here.

This paper is also not a list of goals. You use goals to help you live your mission. Missions live on; goals are reached and new goals are created. It is not a history of your past; this is a look into your future.

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