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 Write a 500-1000 word paper, adhering to APA format on the following topics, using at least five references synthesized into your discussion: 1. Read the attached article ″Educating a new generation: Teaching baby boomer faculty about millennial students.″ (Mangold, 2007) What are your thoughts on this article? Do you think this is an accurate characterization of the faculty-student dyad? (the article is pdf file- is uploaded) 2. Visit Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality and discuss what lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons need to discuss with healthcare providers. How would you discuss LGBT issues with students in a class to promote unbiased patient care? 3. What is the current evidence regarding the use of learning style inventories? Describe how you might utilize such tools in your teaching approach in order to creatively develop your approach to student education. 4. What are several strategies that affect student motivation and what strategies can be implemented to overcome barriers to motivation? Textbook/Learning Materials: Billings, D. M. & J. A. Halstead. (2012). Teaching in nursing: A guide for faculty (4th ed.). St. Louis: Saunders. Chapters 2, 13, and 17. Utley, R. (2012). Theory and research for academic nurse educators: Application to practice. Boston: Jones & Bartlett. Chapters 2 and 3.