Multidimensional assessment | Sociology homework help

A multidimensional assessment provides the social worker with tools that enable him or her to understand the client’s problems from a variety of perspectives. Components of the multidimensional assessment presented in this course are physical functioning and well-being, behavioral, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and religious, social, and familial functioning. The social worker analyzes the information gathered in the assessment to develop a plan of action focusing on desired change(s). The student will use the multidimensional assessment to assess themselves. The student will briefly discuss a significant life event, identify the stage of development in which the life event occurred, identify the impact of dimensions (chronological, biological, psychological, spiritual, time, environment, cultural, and historical) on their development. The length  should be (4) pages excluding cover page and reference page use APA format.


  1. Brief description of life event
  2. Describe of the stage of development in which the life event occurred
  3. Describe how the multidimensional components impacted you during the event
  4. Describe how your life events have been impacted at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels