Mosaic | English homework help

How are the texts we have read in Mosaic still relevant today?

Find three articles (or essays or studies) published in the last three years that illustrate the continued significance of the authors’ ideas. Write three paragraphs plus an introduction and a conclusion (five in all with a minimum of five sentences per paragraph), discussing the connections between the themes and problems encountered in the Mosaic texts and current political, social, economic, or cultural issues. You must have one article per paragraph! You may not use any of the articles I assigned. Do not summarize! Identify key points, and quote from the articles; one quote per body paragraph! Your work will be evaluated in terms of the quality of the articles and the specificity of your explanations. Your connections must be really clear and specific, and you must have a Works Cited page that includes the links to the articles referred to. Post on the discussion board (create your own thread) by April 23.

If you feel that your current score could use a boost or that your participation grade may be lower than you would like it to be (see “Assignments”), then please go ahead and do this assignment. I will absolutely not accept late submissions.