Module 4 – assignment | Information Systems homework help


There is a large selection of Service Desk Management software offerings available.  Many of them will
help automate the operation of the Service Desk (formerly Help Desk) and offer the ability to manage
several of the processes in Service Operation.  

Some potential offerings are found at

Please select software named ” Jira Service Management ”  from the link provided as a selected topic.

If you were the IT Director, which one of these products would you pick for further analysis and review
(possibly onsite demonstration or test).  Describe how your chosen product works (high level features,
etc.), the ITIL processes it can help manage.
Present this in an APA formatted paper with citations and references for your writings

Please follow the rubrics from the screenshot attached.

Important contents which needs to be covered included in the paper

1.  Software selected and justified 

2.  Selection process described 

3.  ITIL processes software will help facilitate